Life Insurance

Life Insurance is not a way to insure you live a long life but a way to help you provide the life style continuance for those you leave behind through a Death Benefit. It helps you provide for those who depended on you for their way of life. You have at your disposal a vehicle that can provide you access to financial protection. The amount of this protection is your decision.

Term Life Insurance

What JADE Insurance offers as a “Starter” Life Insurance product is Term Life Insurance. Term Life Insurance is just as it sounds, it covers a designated period of time – “A TERM”. It is very cost effective for the TERM covered. The premium can and will usually remain the same throughout the term of the policy. Once the term is complete the coverage and premium stop. If you wish to continue, you will need to be underwritten again and since you are now older your premium will be higher for the same Death Benefit.

The ROP – Return of Premium option / rider might also be of interest to those looking for more from their Term Life policy. The basic function of this option / rider is to provide you with cash value (premium) at the end of your policy’s term. In other words you get back all premiums you put into the policy.  You basically rent the protection of Term Life insurance with a cash back option. At the term’s end you get back all monies spent on the policy. This type of Term Life is more expensive than straight Term Life but if it fits your needs, it could be a good alternative to a CD or a savings account.

Whole Life Insurance

Finally, we do offer Whole, Universal, Indexed Universal Life insurance for use in college planning, retirement planning and “Building your own Bank”. The cash value and dividends of the policy are used during the life of the policy to provide financing of items you might normally buy on credit or pay cash. This is a process everyone can use to their own advantage. You will need to ask for an appointment to have this explained properly. Again, the primary purpose of Life insurance is to provide a Benefit.  The benefit can be a Death Benefit, an Accident Benefit or even a Supplemental Income benefit.

If you want financial protection for your family, please fill out a contact form and set-up an appointment with JADE Insurance.